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Nov. 30th, 2004 @ 01:12 am Findory Adds Personalized News And Blog Search
Findory's Greg Linden reports that they've added personalized news and blog search to go with its previously introduced personalized web search. Now, if there's any topic that interests you, you can search for it, and Findory's results will prioritize sites you already like to read. It's amazing how effective it is at finding new topics for me to blog about. I think I can now replace Google with Findory for "killing time" searches, which is an amazing testament to how useful it has become. Findory has very quickly turned into one of those sites that "just works", and works far better than anything out there. There's still features I'd love to see (and Greg suggests you email recommendations to, but Findory is already head and shoulders above everyone else.
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